Briggs School

Briggs School was located near the northwest corner of Cummings and West Telegraph Roads. The schoolhouse was used for dances, Sunday school classes, community gatherings, weddings and funerals. In 1881, one acre of land was donated for school purposes and it is part of the site on which the school is presently located at the corner of Briggs and West Telegraph Roads.

Fast forward to 2019 and the main building at Briggs School remains true to its form on the corner of Briggs and West Telegraph Roads. In 2014, the district passed a 4.5 million dollar bond for improvements to the site. Recently, the district replaced and restored all of the windows at the main building while maintaining the integrity of the original style. Inside the building, however, 21st century learning is taking place. All students have 1 to 1 computer technology, interactive flat panel touch screens have replaced whiteboards and student desks and chairs are designed for active learning. Rich History…Bright Future….lives on.

Guidelines for Success

I will respect myself and others.

I will be responsible for my choices and actions.

I will come to school prepared to learn.

I will always do my personal best.