Office Staff

Lindsay Winegar


Ms. Winegar

Friendly, fun, patient, positive

Lover of Disneyland, sushi and dogs

Who fears, snakes, heights and failure

Who would like to see Disneyland Paris, Shanghai Disney and Tokyo Disney

Teaching since 2007

Graduate of Cal State Channel Islands

Marivel Acosta

School Secretary

Office Clerk/Noon Aide


Dayna Arevalo

5th Grade

Hi, My name is Dayna Arevalo. I grew in Camarillo and graduated from CSU Channel Islands. This is my third year teaching. I have a dog named Cooper and a snake named Derek. I love spending time outdoors and with my family!

Keri Collier

5th Grade 

Mrs. Collier

Encouraging, creative, voracious reader, grateful

Lover of my family and dog Jessie, cooking and eating unusual food, and skipping rocks at the beach

Who fears ignorance

Who would like to see her students succeed, the Canary Islands, and the US National Parks in my schoolie

Teaching since 1999

Graduate of Ventura College, Pepperdine University & CSU Northridge

Katie DeSimone

6th Grade

Ms. DeSimone

Energetic, silly, passionate, supportive

Lover of giraffes, watermelon and board games

Who fears blades, disappointment and fire

Who would like to see Italy, Ireland and Spain

Teaching since 2020

Graduate of Cal State Channel Islands

Cesar Lopez

6th Grade

Mr. Lopez

Bilingual, caring, religious, optimistic

Love of the L.A. Dodgers, reading, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Who fears failure, and letting people down

Who would like to see the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe, my daughter to be able to walk, and my students become successful in life

Teaching since 2010

Graduate of California State University Channel Islands

Cynthia Dore

7th Grade History

Mrs. Dore

Optimistic, energetic, creative, adventurous

Lover of photography, travel and baseball

Who fears scary movies, roller coasters and failure

Who would like to see all 30 MLB stadiums, Europe and all 50 states

Teaching since 2009

Graduate of Cal State Channel Islands

Victoria Monson

7th Grade Language Arts

Ms. Monson

Dedicated, friendly, empathetic, enthusiastic

Lover of animals, crocheting, and old houses

Who fears insects, injury and heights

Who would like to see the Northern Lights, the Colosseum and the Pyramids of Giza

Teaching since 2020

Graduate of Iowa State University

Javier Mena

7th Grade Math

Mr. Mena

Strong, kind, thoughtful, funny

Lover of video games, Legos and anime

Who fears loss and failure

Who would like to see Rome, New York City and Disney World

Teaching since 2008

Graduate of Cal State Bakersfield

Zachery Geist

7th Grade Science

Mr. Geist

Goofy, calm, lively, kind

Lover of my sons, coffee and video games

Who fears forgetting lunch, internet outages and coffee stains

Who would like to see Yellowstone, Japan and Australia

Teaching since 2018

Graduate of Cal State Channel Islands

Rudy Chavez

8th Grade History

Mr. Chavez

Honest, enthusiastic, friendly, adventurous

Lover of video games, pho and outdoors

Who fears heights, poisonous animals and stuck in the wilderness at night

Who would like to see Vietnam and Roman ruins

Teaching since 2020

Graduate of Cal State Chico

Aaron Neidiffer

8th Grade Language Arts

Mr. Neidiffer

Competitive, thoughtful, curious, silly

Lover of sports, argument, and stories

Who fears frilled sharks, scratchy pencils, and isolation

Who would like to see happy people, healthy communities, and open spaces

Teaching since 2017

Graduate of Cal State Channel Islands

Chelsea Hassen

8th Grade Math

Miss Hassen

Energetic, talkative, trustworthy, logical

Lover of cats, math, and reading

Who fears being cold, touching slimy things and mosquito bites

Who would like to see Bora Bora, Galapagos Islands and Greece

Teaching since 2017

Graduate of University of La Verne

Mireya Lemus

8th grade Science

Ms. Lemus

Kind, optimistic, adventure-seeking, funny

Lover of family, sunsets, and sea otters

Who fears heights, crocodiles, and germs

Who would like to see world peace, botanic gardens, and the northern lights

Teaching since 2019

Graduate of Cal State, Fresno and Cal State, Channel Islands

Cheyne O’Gorman

6th – 8th Grade P.E.

Hi! I am Coach O, the Physical Education teacher at Briggs School. I am an avid sports enthusiast and strongly believe that a physically educated child is more likely to become a healthy adult who is motivated to stay healthy. In my former years, I swam and competed at the collegiate level. I have many years experience in coaching water polo and swimming at both a club, high school, and college level. In addition, I have also coached our basketball team here at Briggs. “Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you capable of becoming.” – John Wooden

Allison McKay

5th – 8th Grade Music

Mrs. McKay

Curious, passionate, authentic, playful

Lover of music, animals, and coffee

Who fears insects, blueberries, and strangers

Who would like to see the Grand Canyon, Aurora Borealis, and Itzhak Perlman perform live

Teaching since 2013

Graduate of Cal State University, Northridge


Matilda Dracula

5th – 8th ELD

Flórián Dracula (they/them)

Dog-haver, spooky writer, cross stitcher, and teacher about town

Lover of horror movies, making art, and my goofy family

Who fears Supreme Scream, venomous spiders, and asthma attacks

Who would like to see Vancouver (again!), the Northern lights, and my students succeed!

Teaching since 2014

Graduate of UC Santa Cruz

Dara Stork

5th Grade/Librarian

Hello! I am Mrs. Stork. This is my 17th year in the Briggs School District. I love being a part of the Briggs family. When I’m not teaching, I spend time with my husband and two young boys. I also love reading, cooking, singing, and playing guitar. I look forward to seeing everyone in person very soon!

Curtis Munzlinger

5th Grade/RTI

Mr. Munzlinger

kind, cautious, creative, and easily amused

lover of all cats, the outdoors, and music

Who fears Flying, angry cats, and hate

Who would like to see Ireland and the UK, human equality, and as many concerts as possible

Teaching since 2020

Graduate of Cal State Channel Islands

Biji Kovoor

Speech Therapist

Armando Ayala

M.O.T Supervisor 

Jose Leon